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ALIO Opened its New Facility May 2015!  Worldwide distributors were invited to our Grand Opening to observe this world-class operation focused on ensuring the optimal manufacturing conditions essential in the design and production of 6-D Nano-Precision® Systems.  The factory features a state-of-the-art machining center, scalable production-volume assembly floor and a temperature controlled metrology lab isolated from the outside world from vibration and acoustic disturbances for verifying ALIO’s unique True-Nano® performance.   Our environmentally friendly facility proudly features Geo-Thermal assisted HVAC, Solar Power electricity generation, and EV charging stations allowing ALIO to provide an uncompromised level of product performance, value and service to our customers and to our community.

ALIO Grand Opening

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SPIE Photonics West 2018 Demos

Point Precision®

Laser Gimbal® for Additive / Metrology / Laser Ablation

Hybrid Hexapod®

White Papers / Articles / Publications

ALIO’s Patented Hybrid Hexapod® in CMM Magazine (August 2018)

Hybrid Hexapod® Article – Machinery World 2018 (August 2018)

Hybrid Hexapod® Article – Manufacturing Tomorrow (August 2018)

Point Precision®

ALIO in Renishaw News

Hybrid Hexapod® Article 2013

SPIE DSS Article 2014

Laser+Photonik 2014 – Carl Hanser Verlag

Our Products & Systems

ALIO produces best-in-class “made in America” motion control technologies.

Hybrid Hexapod

A game-changer in the field of motion control, and will stimulate innovation as an enabler of next-generation manufacturing processes.

Rotary Motion Systems

ALIO Industries has developed TRUE NANO® precision rotary stages to meet and exceed today’s demand for high precision rotary motion.

Z-Lift & Vertical Motion Stages

Created to address the unavoidable inaccuracies of Z-Wedge vertical stages

Cartesian Gantries

A gantry robot consists of a manipulator mounted onto an overhead system and allows movement across a horizontal plane.

Linear Motion Systems

ALIO Industries has focused on nano precision motion for over 20 years.

Air Bearing Systems

Leading edge 6-D Nano Positioning® air bearing motion systems for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, inspection/repair, and metrology.

Micron 2 Motion Systems

ALIO has introduced its new Micron 2 (µII) High Precision Motion Systems family to compete in the lower cost, lower precision micron world.

Custom Solutions

It is ALIO’s ability to truly customize its core motion control solutions that sets it apart from alternative solution providers

Vacuum Compatible Motion Stages

ALIO’s extensive range of ultra-precise and repeatable motion control solutions (with the exception of its air bearing systems) are vacuum compatible.

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