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We exist in a world where alternative suppliers are unable to match the precision of ALIO’s motion control solutions.

Point Precision®

It is ALIO’s view that in the area of ultra-precise motion control, the standards that exist to assist customers in selecting the correct solution for their needs are inadequate. It is because of this that we are working with NIST to set new standards that are appropriate for the regulation of nano precision motion control.

We exist in a world where alternative suppliers are unable to match the precision of ALIO’s motion control solutions. The key to is not just an ability to be nano precise, but to be nano precise repeatably. Our competitors know that for them this is impossible, and so we see either false claims or illusory claims.

Some even go as far as to publish “Typical Specifications” and “Guaranteed Specifications”. Typical specifications show what could be possible in a motion control solution, and allude to much greater precision than the guaranteed specifications, which is what the supplier will “guarantee”. In other words, they show what they would like to be able to do, and then show that what they can actually do is less good. They aspire to be better than they are. They aspire to be as precise as ALIO.

Unclear claims and flase claims help no-one, especially the customer who often ends up with sub-optimal results.

At ALIO, we have moved the conversation along, and in terms of specifications we now talk about Point Precision®, referencing performance specifications to a point in space, not the planar methodology current standards use. This is the basis of the new ASME standard for measuring motion systems.

While there are compensation methods to reduce error sources in conventional 6-link hexapods, they do not improve performance at the single-digit micron or nanometer level.  Motion systems’ straightness and repeatability performance must be analyzed and specified using a “point precision” methodology that accounts for ALL 6-D spatial errors in order to provide a true representation of nanometer precision, or what we at ALIO call “True Nano” precision.

Point Precision® is the gold standard when customers need to assess the REAL precision of alternative motion control solutions, and reinforces ALIO’s claim to be the ONLY motion control supplier that can provide repeatable nano levels of precision in motion control.

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