ALIO Launches New Website & Product Configurator

ALIO Industries (an Allient company) has a 20-year plus history working at the vanguard of nanometer-level precision motion control, which makes it a highly intuitive player in the sector. The company’s history is characterized by the introduction of bleeding edge and innovative nanometer precision motion control innovations, and founder Bill Hennessey is driven by the goal of providing motion control solutions that stimulate product innovation and cater for the most demanding applications in the market.

In keeping with this goal, ALIO is today proud to announce the launch of a new website which contextualizes ALIO’s numerous motion control solutions within the industrial sectors and applications where they are most used and most appropriate. In addition, the company also launches its new product configurator, which allows users to enter key application-specific requirements and then be presented with motion control solutions that perfectly match these requirements.

Peter Lehner, Director of Sales & Marketing at ALIO says, “After a lot of time and effort we are pleased to launch our new product configurator which is at the heart of our new website. The overarching goal of all the web development work we have just undertaken, and the introduction of the product configurator, is to put our customers at the heart of what we do. We are the motion control experts in the room, and while our customers have a view on what they may need in terms of motion solutions, the information and functionality on our website has to be geared to our customers. Using the analogy of a car, customers need to know it will get them from A to B, they do not need to know in intricate detail how. The same with precision motion control. Our highly intuitive product configurator allows customers to put in headline application requirements, and be presented with viable solutions. So if users know the direction of motion required; the basic product type (i.e. linear motion, z-lift vertical stages etc.); application specific needs (i.e. smooth continuous movement, step and settle etc.); open center or closed; travel range; maximum weight of payload; level of bi-directional repeatability; and the environment the application is to be used in (ambient, cleanroom, or vacuum); the product configurator will display ALIO’s relevant options with each application requirement displayed graded best fit, good fit, or just fit. This is a major step forward for customers looking to specify motion control options, and we invite anyone with an interest to try it today.”

ALIO offers what is often described as a “high-end boutique-like service” from its world-class facilities in Colorado, USA. While providing an extensive range of off- the-shelf products — including Hexapod robotic systems, air bearing systems, and linear and rotary nano-precision systems (with both mechanical and air bearings guides) — the company also customizes solutions, using its experience to create innovative cutting-edge motion control systems for specific customer applications. Due to the modularity of ALIO’s systems, not everything needs to be designed from scratch, and the experience of the ALIO team coupled with this modular design concept means fast and reliable adaptations can be made to suit the specifics of particular applications

To achieve the precision and quality that its customers demand, ALIO makes everything under one roof in its state-of-the-art advanced machine shop, using cutting-edge technologies in controlled environments to ensure the production of optimized motion control solutions. ALIO has 100%-part verification which is unique in the motion control industry.

With design, machining, metrology, manufacturing, and assembly teams all working together, ALIO nurtures cross-company collaboration every day. This allows the company to be flexible and nimble as we work with its customers to provide the ultimate in high quality ultra-precise solutions. Lehner concludes, “Where other companies see obstacles and problems, ALIO sees opportunities and solutions, and this attitude is what led to the creation of the product configurator. Precision motion control is inherently complicated, and creating motion control systems able to achieve nanometer-level tolerances repeatably is difficult, which is why there are so few companies capable of achieving it. But customers are only interested in whether a solution is fit for purpose, can achieve the tolerances required, at a cost that fits budget. This is where the product configurator is so powerful, as it presents viable options without the user having to have an in-depth understanding of motion contol, but also gives users the ability to play around with the requirement for different attributes to see best-fit solutions. Effectively through our new pragmatically presented website and product configurator we are lighting up the area of motion control, and by so doing illuminating the path for customers to speedily select optimized motion control solutions.”

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