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We are really gratified to see the extent of press coverage concerning the ways in which ALIO’s products are changing the ways that manufacturers approach nano precision applications.


High-precision motion control stimulates innovation — CMM International Magazine 08/23 (August 2023)

ALIO Provides a One-Stop-Shop for Motion Control Demands of Additive Manufacturing — Engineering Update Magazine (July 2023)

Meeting Challenges of Motion Control in Nano Metrology Applications — Metrology.News (June 2023)

6D Point Precision improves laser processing – Design World Magazine (June 2023)

ALIO Industries: Challenges of motion control in 3D metrology — 3DPRINTR (May 2023)

ALIO Provides Optimal Motion Control Solutions For The Dynamic Digital Pathology Sector – Photonics Online (March 2023)

ALIO Overcomes Limitations of Motion Control for Laser Marking — Partmarking.News (March 2023)


ALIO — an interview with Bill Hennessey — Worldwide Engineering Magazine (September 2022)

ALIO’s hybrid hexapod for nanometer-level precision — Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine (July 2022)

ALIO’s hybrid hexapod redefines nano machining & thermal bonding application — Australian Manufacturing Magazine (June 2022)

ALIO makes strategic appointment — Industrial News Magazine (June 2022)

ALIO’s high-precision microscope focusing stage — Electro Optics Magazine (April 2022)

ALIO encouraged by draft standard – Design Products & Applications Magazine (January 2022)


ALIO at Pathology Visions 2021 — Automation Update Magazine (October 2021)

ALIO continues to advocate need for 6D point repeatability — Rose Calibration (October 2021)

ALIO’s motion control for digital pathology — Engineering Update Magazine (August 2021)

ALIO leading the way in digital pathology — Industrial News Magazine (June 2021)


ALIO – brands and trademarks — Engineering Update Magazine (December 2020)

An interview with ALIO Industries — Engineering Update Magazine (September 2020)

ALIO – high performance planar processing — Automation Update Magazine (July 2020)

ALIO — new Angulares hybrid hexapod — Laser Focus World (July 2020)

ALIO’s HH-30D hybrid hexapod — Laser Focus World Magazine (June 2020)

ALIO — hybrid hexapod addresses critical weaknesses — Robotics & Automation News (May 2020)

ALIO — let’s talk about hex(apods) baby! — Engineering Update Magazine (May 2020)

ALIO Industries new Asymmetric XY stages — Automotive Industries Magazine (February 2020)

ALIO takes Photonics West by storm — Machinery World Magazine (February 2020)


ALIO shows not all hexapods born equal — Engineering Update Magazine (December 2019)

ALIO — vacuum systems for nanometer management of motion — Engineering News Network Magazine (October 2019)

ALIO – point precision methodology — Automation Magazine (September 2019)

ALIO — nano-level motion control  products — OEM Magazine (August 2019)

ALIO — getting to the point in precision — Motion Control Tips Magazine (August 2019)

ALIO – True Nano® precision rotary stages — Cal Lab Magazine (July 2019)

ALIO explains the point of precision — Control Design Magazine (July 2019)

ALIO at Automate 2019 — Manufacturing Tomorrow Magazine (June 2019)

ALIO Industries – true vertical integration — Manufacturing Tomorrow Magazine (April 2019)


ALIO’s Patented Hybrid Hexapod® in CMM Magazine (August 2018)

Hybrid Hexapod® Article – Machinery World 2018 (August 2018)

Hybrid Hexapod® Article – Manufacturing Tomorrow (August 2018)

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