True Nano Positioning® and True Nano®

Real positioning performance at the nanometer level based on fully documented NIST traceable proof of performance to registered standards. Resolution means absolutely nothing in the True Nano® world.

6-D Nano Precision®

6-D refers to the 6 dimensions of motion; linear, straightness, flatness, pitch, yaw and roll. Nano Precision refers to documented proof of performance at or below the +/- 450 nm level. 6-D Nano Precision® means the documented proof of performance over all 6 degrees of freedom of a body in motion at the nanometer level of precision.

Point Precision® or 6-D Point Precision®

Point Precision® and 6-D Point Precision® both define bi-directional repeatability of all 6 degrees of freedom (linear, straightness, flatness, pitch, yaw and roll) to a single point of precision in space for a single motion stage, or in ALIO’s case we push this singular stage approach even further with our monolithic XY stages which have combined 6-D point precision at the nanometer precision level of both axes combined. Without 6D point precision, claims of accuracy and repeatability are at best pointless, and at worst knowingly misleading.

Nano Metrology®

Nano Metrology® was registered in deference to the evolution and novel designs of metrology sensors which created a need for better stages to move the sample or sensor. ALIO introduced the novel idea of nanometer precision of straightness of travel to reduce the uncertainty of measurement, and has the ability to measure at the nanometer level of uncertainty which include motion and sensor combined error quotients.

Nano Z®

The Nano Z® trademark was born out of work that ALIO undertook in the semiconductor industry on a planar XY air bearing and an air bearing Z stage for wafer manufacturing and metrology. The Z lift stage design was so novel that ALIO trademarked its name, and it reinforces the company’s ability to move in Z, vertical, or lift a part with nanometer-level precision.

Hybrid Hexapod®

Hybrid refers to a new and sometimes novel approach of combining two platforms that improve the performance of each design as a whole. Hexapods have been known for years as a 6-axis parallel kinematic structure. ALIO’s hybrid approach — which consists of a monolithic XY base, tripod, and (if required) a 360 degree rotary stage —  is 2 orders of magnitude more precise than all other hexapods built today (or tomorrow) simple based on basic physics of motion and the error quotient.

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