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ALIO Produces Best-in-Class, “Made in America” Motion Control Technologies

Best-in-class Ultra-Precise Motion Control.

Do you want repeatable nanometer-level motion control?
Then you have come to the right place.

ALIO Industries, an Allient company, is a leader in producing high-precision motion control systems with ultra-precise point and path positioning performance that is NIST-traceable.

Our off-the-shelf and customized motion control solutions are the most precise and repeatable in the world, all backed by the industry’s first and only 3-year warranty.

We don’t just claim it, we guarantee it!

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ALIO produces best-in-class “made in America” motion control technologies.

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At ALIO, we are committed to providing customer-focused solutions for even the most demanding applications. Our expertise in motion control allows us to provide off-the-shelf or create bespoke solutions that perfectly match the unique requirements of each customer. Contact us today to learn more about our ultra-precise motion control solutions.

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