Our Products & Systems

ALIO produces best-in-class “made in America” motion control technologies.

Micron 2 Motion Systems

ALIO has introduced its new Micron 2 (µII) High Precision Motion Systems family to compete in the lower cost, lower precision micron world.

Vacuum Compatible Motion Stages

ALIO’s extensive range of ultra-precise and repeatable motion control solutions (with the exception of its air bearing systems) are vacuum compatible.

Air Bearing Systems

Leading edge 6-D Nano Positioning® air bearing motion systems for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, inspection/repair, and metrology.

Custom Solutions

It is ALIO’s ability to truly customize its core motion control solutions that sets it apart from alternative solution providers

Z-Lift & Vertical Motion Stages

Created to address the unavoidable inaccuracies of Z-Wedge vertical stages

Cartesian Gantries

A gantry robot consists of a manipulator mounted onto an overhead system and allows movement across a horizontal plane.

Hybrid Hexapod

A game-changer in the field of motion control, and will stimulate innovation as an enabler of next-generation manufacturing processes.

Linear Motion Systems

ALIO Industries has focused on nano precision motion for over 20 years.

Rotary Motion Systems

ALIO Industries has developed TRUE NANO® precision rotary stages to meet and exceed today’s demand for high precision rotary motion.

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