Point Precision®

Point Precision®

It is ALIO’s view that in the area of ultra-precise motion control, the standards that exist to assist customers in selecting the correct solution for their needs are inadequate. It is because of this that we have worked with NIST to set new standards that are appropriate for the regulation of nano precision motion control.

At ALIO, in terms of specifications we therefore now talk about Point Precision®, referencing performance specifications to a point in space, not the planar methodology current standards use. This is the basis of the new ASME B5.64 standard “Methods for the Performance Evaluation of Single Axis Linear Positioning Systems”.

Motion systems’ straightness and repeatability performance must be analyzed and specified using a “point precision” methodology that accounts for ALL 6-D spatial errors in order to provide a true representation of nanometer precision, or what we at ALIO call “True Nano®” precision.

ALIO has been applying the principles contained in the new ASME B5.64 standard for over 15 years, and as such is the only company to have been demonstrably delivering “point precise” stages. As always, we don’t just claim it, we guarantee it!

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