ALIO’s Hybrid Hexapod Continues to Promote Innovation and Redefine the Area of Ultra-Precise Motion Control

ALIO Industries, an Allient Company, continually reaffirms its position at the forefront of nanometer-level precision motion control technology with the patented Hybrid Hexapod®. The system has redefined the approach to 6D motion, setting a new standard for applications requiring extreme flatness, straightness, and stiffness in motion, essential for machining and bonding applications.

Since its launch, the Hybrid Hexapod® has delivered unparalleled precision, offering documented proof of nanometer-level performance across all six degrees of freedom (6DOF). This breakthrough is not just a leap but a quantum jump in nanotechnology applications.

Bill Hennessey, President at ALIO says, “The Hybrid Hexapod® allows for performance validation over all 6DOF at a level of precision that was previously inconceivable. The technology is now empowering industry giants in optics, semiconductors, manufacturing, metrology, laser processing, and micromachining sectors, leading to achievements that were once thought unattainable.”

Traditional hexapod motion systems, constrained within three-dimensional space, have been prone to errors across all 6DOF — an issue magnified in applications demanding nanometer precision. Legacy systems often suffered significant precision loss, but the Hybrid Hexapod® has eradicated these limitations completely. By integrating a tripod parallel kinematics structure for Z plane and tip/tilt motion with a monolithic serial kinematic structure for XY motion, and a rotary stage for continuous 360-degree yaw rotation, it guarantees high-integrity motion with nanometer-level precision.

As Hennessey explains, “Hexapods with six independently controlled links have their motion errors tied to the inaccuracies of each link and joint. The Hybrid Hexapod® uniquely mitigates this, ensuring optimal accuracy even when performing complex, multi-axis movements. This innovation is particularly pivotal for applications like the production of 4K lenses, where absolute precision is non-negotiable. The Hybrid Hexapod® assures exact alignment and repeatability, a critical factor in industries where the margin for error is virtually zero.”

In an era where the need for precision is growing exponentially, the Hybrid Hexapod® stands as a testament to ALIO Industries’ commitment to innovation. It prompts engineers to demand more from their tools, knowing that they can achieve what was previously impossible.

“It’s not just about being 100 times stiffer, 30 times faster, or having 10 times the work envelope compared to standard options; it’s about reimagining what’s possible,” Hennessey concludes.

The Hybrid Hexapod® has elevated its status beyond being merely a piece of equipment, and instead can be seen as a catalyst for progress, ushering in a new era of manufacturing capabilities. Though the concept of 6D motion control isn’t entirely new, the Hybrid Hexapod® makes it newsworthy by continually setting the bar for what’s achievable in precision and performance. As ALIO Industries continues to innovate, the Hybrid Hexapod® remains a pivotal force, driving industries toward a future where ultra-precise motion is not just desired but realized.

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