Laser Inscription

Laser inscription is vital when products, parts, or components need to be traced or identified. It can be used to add inscriptions or identifying marks to a range of materials including natural / organic materials, plastics, metals, coated metals, stone, and glass. A particular and important application is the inscription of diamonds. Without causing any damage, a micro-laser beam is used to etch a microscopic inscription on the girdle of the diamond. Most laser marking systems are restricted to operating on a two-dimensional plane, and because of this can only scan on the X and Y axis, and also lack the ability to process materials that have a high hardness or low ignition point.  

To overcome these limitations, using ALIO’s compact X,Y,Z motion control systems is the answer, which exhibit  smooth travel, low friction, high stiffness and low dither which all enhance the clarity and versatility of the inscription.

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