Digital Pathology

Digital pathology is becoming a mainstream option for routine diagnostics, faster whole slide image scanning being the key. However, state-of-the-art technical implementation of whole slide imaging in routine diagnostics is complex. Typically, pre-scans of the whole slide at low-resolution are performed, and only tissue detected on the pre-scan is then scanned at high-magnification to reduce cycle times. Therefore, tiny tissue particles might elude automatic inclusion for final scanning and would be lost to evaluation. 

To overcome this, high bi-directional repeatability to target small tissues is needed. ALIO provides monolithic, low-profile, open-center X, Y, Z electromagnetic driven stages for such applications, promoting high speed, high throughput, and low friction in a small footprint, scan times being reduced allowing better pre-scan images.

Digital pathology is all about parallel paths or a serpentine motion to capture all the data points. ALIO is novel in that our straightness is superior to all other motion control options for this application. This promotes the compiling of data in one pass impossible if stages cannot move parallel with less than 2-3 micron variation. This also make for more precise data since it does not need to be calculated by 6 sigma algorithms that are necessary to get a result from poor motion performance.

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