Digital Pathology

Enhance Routine Diagnostics with ALIO’s High-Speed, High-Precision Digital Pathology Solutions

Digital pathology is revolutionizing routine diagnostics with faster whole slide image scanning. However, implementing state-of-the-art whole slide imaging in routine diagnostics can be complex. To optimize the process, low-resolution pre-scans of the entire slide are performed, followed by high-magnification scanning of detected tissue to reduce cycle times. Unfortunately, this approach can result in the exclusion of tiny tissue particles, leading to incomplete evaluation.

ALIO addresses this challenge with high bi-directional repeatability stages designed to target small tissues. Our monolithic, low-profile, open-center X, Y, Z electromagnetic driven stages offer exceptional precision, enabling high-speed, high-throughput, and low-friction operations in a compact footprint. By reducing scan times, these stages enhance pre-scan image quality, ensuring crucial tissue particles are not missed.

In digital pathology, capturing all data points requires parallel paths or serpentine motion. ALIO sets itself apart by providing superior straightness compared to other motion control options for this application. Our stages can move parallel with minimal variation of less than 2-3 microns, enabling data compilation in a single pass. This eliminates the need for complex 6 sigma algorithms to compensate for poor motion performance, resulting in more precise data analysis.

Experience the power of ALIO’s advanced motion control solutions for digital pathology and optimize your routine diagnostics process today.

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