Medical & Clinical Devices

Medical and clinical devices such as rigid or video endoscopes for diagnostic imaging provide reliable diagnoses, and besides requiring perfectly aligned mechanical and optical parts, need hermetically sealed constructions for sterilization methods like autoclaving. To guarantee pin-sharp images and the safety of patients, utmost care in production is a must. 

ALIO provides the Angulares Hybrid Hexapod for such applications, which accommodates large XY movement to shift the instrument from process step to process step, there being 6 axis movement at every process step without the need of manually moving the instrument or using an additional robot to handle components. The Angulares exhibits low friction, low particle generation, is easy to access and clean, and maintains the highest precision. Highly flexible programming enables 4K (and beyond) image quality even using the tiniest and angled endoscopes thanks to the unique ranges of the Angulares.

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