Optimize Imaging Quality with ALIO’s Unique Microscope Stage Architecture for Automated Digital Microscopes

Automated digital microscopes offer versatile motion capabilities in x, y, and z axes. ALIO Industries introduces a distinctive microscope stage architecture designed to prioritize optimized motion and deliver unparalleled imaging quality.

The innovative stage architectures provide the flexibility to combine a Z-axis focusing stage with a monolithic XY stage, allowing for seamless movement of samples or slides beneath the objective. Choose from options with or without an open center, tailored to optimize your specific imaging requirements.

In microscopy applications, capturing images swiftly and with exceptional precision is paramount. To achieve this, a motion control solution is crucial. ALIO’s motion control technology ensures smoothness, resulting in the highest possible image resolution. It also guarantees flatness, maintaining precise focus control along the z-axis. Additionally, the system offers superior straightness, minimizing overlap during scanning passes and maximizing throughput.

Experience the next level of imaging quality and motion control performance with ALIO’s unique microscope stage architecture for automated digital microscopes.

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