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Enhance Metrology Accuracy with ALIO’s XY Nano Metrology® Stages | Up to 450mm Travel Range

Today’s metrology systems require rapid measurement of complex part geometries such as bores, undercuts, edges and chamfers, and precise inspection of the most intricate parts. 2D data or partial coverage of a part are often not sufficient anymore even for large parts. For market-leading large FOV 3D metrology tools, the best sensors and encoders can only achieve their required accuracy when the underlying motion system is at least as good or an order of magnitude better. 

For such applications, ALIO provides near air-bearing performance crossed roller bearing XY Nano Metrology® stages with up to 450mm travel range. These stages use DC Servo linear motors with unmatched motion performance with 3-Sigma, 6-D (linear, straightness, flatness, pitch, yaw and roll) and bi-directional repeatability of less than +/- 250nm. In other words, the volumetric bi-directional repeatability of any XY point is within a sphere of 500nm or less.

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