Optics Testing, Assembly & Calibration

Camera array modules, translational OIS, telescopic integrated lenses for miniature cameras (used in everyday products like cell phone cameras and drones) consist of various lenses. The industry trend is towards higher resolution 4K and 8K lenses in smaller and smaller areas, requiring increased precision in all 6 motion axes to achieve these combined objectives. Precise positioning of each lens is crucial for sharp, distortion-free images. As all lenses have different diameters, a highly flexible system with multiple tool-center points is needed allowing the various components to be handled precisely and reliable, thereby cutting down tool costs, production time, and scrap. 

For such applications, ALIO has developed the Mini Hybrid Hexapod® which is ideal for automated lens and camera alignment/bonding to CCD arrays. Any application requiring 6-degrees of freedom positioning with nanometer/arc-sec levels of incremental motion and repeatability is a good fit for this motion control system where product sensor resolution improvements are driving the need for higher precision.

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