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ALIO Industries: Mini Hybrid Hexapod® for Precise Camera Alignment and Lens Positioning

Achieve precise positioning of camera array modules, translational OIS, and telescopic integrated lenses with ALIO’s Mini Hybrid Hexapod®. Designed for miniature cameras used in cell phones, drones, and other everyday products, this motion control system enables increased precision in all 6 motion axes to meet the industry trend of higher resolution 4K and 8K lenses in smaller areas.

With nanometer/arc-sec levels of incremental motion and repeatability, the Mini Hybrid Hexapod® ensures sharp, distortion-free images by allowing precise and reliable handling of components with different diameters. Its highly flexible system with multiple tool-center points reduces tool costs, production time, and scrap.

Automate lens and camera alignment/bonding to CCD arrays effortlessly using the Mini Hybrid Hexapod® from ALIO Industries. Whether you require 6-degrees of freedom positioning or improved sensor resolution, this motion control system provides the higher precision needed for your applications.

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