Micromachining & Additive Manufacturing

Experience the Power of Additive Manufacturing (AM) for Production Scenarios

Discover how Additive Manufacturing (AM) is revolutionizing production scenarios with its speed, improved materials, and advanced optimization software. As a cost-effective and timely alternative to conventional production technologies, AM is paving the way for the future of digital production infrastructure and driving the Industry 4.0 revolution. With AM, you can unlock design freedom and achieve geometric complexity that was once impossible. Say goodbye to unwieldy international supply chains and embrace localized production.

Enhance Your AM Process with High-Quality Motion Systems

Unlock the full potential of your AM technology with ALIO’s comprehensive portfolio of motion systems. Whether you need a simple XY-stage, 6D Hybrid Hexapods, gantries, or fully assembled motion solutions, we have you covered. Our motion systems enable unmatched flexibility, speed, and product quality, ensuring precise positioning and seamless operation. Experience the ultimate synergy between AM and advanced motion control technology.

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