Stepper lithography tools introduced a new level of resolution in the history of integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing, and are still broadly used as they keep costs and complexity fairly low in comparison to scanning lithography, even though scanning lithography has a few obvious advantages, including higher speed, larger image fields, and scan averaging of aberrations. Traditional 1X stepper lithography tools are somewhat limited in throughput as they require an excessive amount of time to ramp up stage speed, decelerate stage speed, then stop and settle. Multiply that time with the several dozens of shots needed in the lithography process, and the resulting throughput is rather low. 

ALIO understands that a well-controlled projection area ensures that features all over the wafer get the same uniform dose, and its patented air bearing stages enable the introduction of a new level of smooth, continuous serpentine step-and-scan technique eliminating stops and wasted time.

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