Enhancing Throughput and Uniformity in Stepper Lithography with ALIO’s Air Bearing Stages

Stepper lithography tools have revolutionized integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing by providing high-resolution capabilities at a lower cost and complexity compared to scanning lithography. While scanning lithography offers advantages like increased speed, larger image fields, and scan averaging, traditional 1X stepper lithography tools face limitations in terms of throughput. The time required to ramp up and decelerate stage speed, as well as frequent stops and settling, result in lower overall throughput.

ALIO recognizes the importance of a well-controlled projection area to ensure uniform dose distribution across the wafer. With its patented air bearing stages, ALIO introduces a new level of smooth and continuous motion using the serpentine step-and-scan technique. This eliminates unnecessary stops and wasted time, significantly improving throughput and enabling precise feature placement on the wafer.

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