Overcoming Constant Velocity Dither

ALIO’s proprietary technologies, such as their Hybrid Hexapod® and True Nano® motion systems provide unparalleled precision and stability. These systems are designed with improved stiffness and utilize sophisticated control strategies that dynamically adjust for any detected velocity dither, ensuring smooth and accurate motion. By continually innovating and refining its technologies, ALIO remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering solutions that meet the stringent demands of nanometer-level precision applications.

The presence of constant velocity dither is problematic because it introduces errors in the positioning and motion of the system. These errors can lead to defects in manufactured products, reduced measurement accuracy, and overall system inefficiency. In high-precision applications, even minor deviations can be significant, leading to unacceptable levels of performance. Therefore, addressing and minimizing constant velocity dither is crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of precision motion control systems.

Constant velocity dither refers to a low-frequency oscillation superimposed on the desired constant velocity in precision motion control systems. This phenomenon is caused by mechanical imperfections, electrical noise, or feedback loop instabilities, resulting in small, unintended variations in speed. These oscillations can degrade the performance and accuracy of motion control systems, particularly in applications requiring nanometer-level precision, such as semiconductor manufacturing, microscopy, and precision metrology.

ALIO, a leading specialist in nanometer-level motion control, confronts the problem of constant velocity dither through several advanced techniques. One approach is the use of ultra-stiff mechanical structures that minimize mechanical vibrations and flexing. Additionally, ALIO employs high-resolution feedback systems and advanced control algorithms that can detect and compensate for even the smallest deviations in motion. By integrating these technologies, ALIO enhances the stability and precision of its motion control systems, effectively mitigating the impact of constant velocity dither.

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