Cartesian Gantry - Cartesian Gantry


Scanning / Smooth Continuous Movement: Best Fit

Step and Settle: Best Fit

No Movement on Power Loss: N/A

Aperture / Open Center: Best Fit

Precision: Best Fit

Throughput: Good Fit

ALIO - Cartesian Gantries - Single Rail Naked H-shape XY

Product Specifications

StageCartesian Gantry
Travel - X And/Or Travel - Y1000 mm (+/- 500 mm)
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)1300 mm x 1507 mm x 320 mm
Max. Sample Width (Inner Width)1134 mm
DriveDirect Drive (Ironless Core Linear Motor)
FeedbackNon-Contact Optical Linear Encoder
BearingsDual Recirculating Ball Rail Bearings
CablesHigh Flex, 10M Cycle, 3m Length
StructureAnodized Aluminum 6061-T6
Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C
Humidity10% to 80% Non-Condensing
Performance Specifications [1]STDPRCSNULTRA
Linear Displacement Accuracy +/- 40 µm +/- 2 µm +/- 1 µm
Bidirectional Linear Repeatability +/- 1.0 µm
ResolutionStandard: ~4.88 nm after 4096 Interpolation
Optional: Digital AQB (1 nm - 5000 nm)
Straightness +/- 16 µm +/- 5 µm
Flatness [2] +/- 35 µm +/- 10 µm
Pitch30 arc-sec
Yaw30 arc-sec
Roll30 arc-sec
Max Velocity With AC Drive [3]2.5 m/s
Max Velocity With 48VDC Drive [3]0.5 m/s
Max Acceleration With AC Drive [3]1.3 G
Max Acceleration With 48VDC Drive [3]0.3 G
Max (Vertical) Payload Capability 25 kg
Max (Horizontal) Payload Capability 30 kg
Assembly Mass84 kg
Configurable Options 
ALIO's Gantry is Designed to be Easily Customizable to Meet Customer Specific RequirementsY Axis Top Down Mounting (Face Mounting Shown)
Large or Small Cable Tracks
Mix and Match Travel
Risers Available (Custom Height)
Multiple Cable Routing and Connectorization Options
Customer Cable Routing Available
Granite, Optical Table, and Breadboard Bases
Single Axis Versions Available
Z Axis Options Available
X and X' Controlled Yaw Available
Various Material Options Available
Inch Spacing Versions Available (see page 3)
*Increased Gap between X and X' stages
without Increased Y Travel

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