Z-Lift & Vertical Stage - Vertical Z Stage


Scanning / Smooth Continuous Movement: Best Fit

Step and Settle: Best Fit

No Movement on Power Loss: N/A

Aperture / Open Center: N/A

Precision: Best Fit

Throughput: Good Fit

ALIO - Z-Lift Stages - Z Stage Voice Coil or Direct Drive Crossed Roller Bearings Non-contact Magnetic Spring

Product Specifications

StageVertical Z Stage
Travel50 mm (+/- 25 mm)
Payload Options2 N, 8 N, 14 N, 19 N, or 24 N
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)165 mm x 96 mm x 156 mm
DriveDirect Drive (Ironless Core Linear Motor)
FeedbackNon-Contact Optical Linear Encoder
BearingsCrossed Roller Bearings
CounterbalanceMagnetic Spring (Constant Force)
CablesHigh Flex, 10M Cycle, 3m Length
StructureAnodized Aluminum 6061-T6
Optional: Stainless Steel
Optional: Clean Room and Vacuum (10-6 Torr)
Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C
Humidity10% to 80% Non-Condensing
Performance Specifications [1](STD)ULTRANANO
Linear Displacement Accuracy +/- 7 µm +/- 1.0 µm +/- 0.4 µm
Bidirectional Linear Repeatability +/- 75 nm +/- 45 nm
ResolutionStandard: ~4.88 nm after 4096 Interpolation
Optional: Digital AQB (1 nm - 5000 nm) and Absolute (1 nm - 100 nm)
Straightness +/- 5.0 µm +/- 2.5 µm
Flatness [2] +/- 5.0 µm +/- 2.5 µm
Pitch14 arc-sec
Yaw14 arc-sec
Roll14 arc-sec
Max Velocity [3]0.1 m/s
Payload (Nominal) --2 N8 N14 N19 N24 N
Minimum To Maximum Payload Range --0-6 N4-12 N10-18 N15-23 N18-30 N
Assembly Mass5.2 kg
Moving Mass2.1 kg

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