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ALIO, Latin, “A new way, a better way”.

 The following ALIO QC Resume is intended to reflect the level of commitment ALIO has to quality and to demonstrate ALIO’s impressive record. ALIO also has a long standing history of honesty, integrity and open communication. ALIO has been audited/site visited by but not limited to:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • General Atomics
  • Ball Aerospace
  • Nikon (came from Japan)
  • FujiFILM Dimatix
  • Nova Measurement Instruments (Israel)
  • iTi – imaging Technology international
  • Adept
  • Parker
  • Cox Automation/Ixmation

Customers willing to do volume production:

  • Intel (100’s to 1,000’s)
    • Prototype delivered
    • Waiting on full system approval (ALIO only one piece of the pie)
    • ALIO portion approved
  • FujiFILM Dimatix (50+, $90,000 system)
    • Japan cancelled program for other reasons, not product viability.
  • Intelligent Micro Patterns
    • Qualified vendor
    • Our company switched all of our stage business to ALIO Industries (from Aerotech) recently for a number of reasons, both technical and commercial. The stage portion of our system is critical to the overall system performance so we need a reliable supplier who can deliver repeatable, high quality products that operate in the nanometer range. The stages we buy from ALIO exceed our expectations and we know that they will be able to support our rapid growth and expansion. Current forecasts call for over 240 stages to be delivered from ALIO over the next 12 months. We know they’ll do the job for us, exceed the performance requirements required, and we’ll get the level of technical support needed for our company to be successful.
      Dr. Jay N. Sasserath, CEO
      Intelligent Micro Patterning LLC
      (T) 727-522-0334
      Feel free to contact Jay directly.
  • Dover
    • Custom Integrated Stages
  • ficonTEC (German manufacture)
    • ALIO positioned to be motion vendorfor all high precision applications
    • Controller, customer supplied ACS.
  • PV Laser Integration Company
    • Custom Integrated Stages
  • Semi Tool Company (China)
    • Custom Integrated Stages
  • Automation Engineering Inc.
    • Custom Integrated Stages
  • Semiconductor Measuring Instruments Company (Israel)
    • Custom Integrated Stages
  • ALIO also has customer that we are under NDA with. We are not allowed to mention their names as they view their association with ALIO as a competitive advantage and do not want their competition to know.

Production Capabilities:

While with JDSU, ALIO’s VP personally designed production cells for telecom product manufacturing. These production lines manufactured products that were Belcore Certified. Belcore makes any other certification system, documentation process look like archaic. JDSU developed these  production cells using the Toyota Production System. The Wavelocker® line was one of the highest, if not the highest yield production line JDSU had. It was literally one of the only production lines not shipped overseas because is ran so well. This work cell had 16 stations and was run by 14 operators per shift. Not only was it the highest yield cell, it was also one of the lowest manned work cells. It was the model for “how to” at the  Connecticut division. Quality was maintained by not having too many hands involved, proper training and clear concise instructions. ALIO operates under these same core proven methods. 

ALIO Growth:

ALIO has never had trouble attracting talent. Located near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains west of Denver puts us in a prime geographic  location. We receive many unsolicited resumes each year.

Our Products & Systems

ALIO produces best-in-class “made in America” motion control technologies.

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