Nano Z® – Dual Voice Coil Stage with Air Bearings

Increased demands for True NANO® metrology and processes led ALIO to design and manufacture the NANO Z® patented Z lift air bearing stage to overcome legacy design issues associated with tip and tilt while attaining accuracy of less than 100 nanometers using standard Renishaw Invar encoders. The counterbalanced NANO Z® can easily hold heavy vacuum wafer chucks and still excel with nanometer-level precision over 24 mm of travel. It is therefore perfect for high demanding applications in the semiconductor and metrology industry.

GeoSymmetric Voice Coil Z Stages

ALIO’s family of GeoSymmetric Vertical Stages provides the foundation of novel designs for ultra and Nano Precision performance. Structurally designed to exceed application performance demands. Built for precision with application dependent counterbalances. Those stages use linear or voice coil motors, highly rigid crossed roller bearings, high force motors, and linear encoders.

The counterbalance, motor, bearings, and encoder are all placed on an approximate centerline of the stage. The payload can mount directly to the face or top surface of the stage to eliminate the weakness and resonant frequency issues associated with additional brackets, associated with additional brackets, all of which makes ALIO’s voice coil stages 4x to 10x more precise than Z-wedge stages. This makes it great for any application within Life and Health Science, Microscopy or Nano Metrology.

Long travel Z Stages with Linear Drives

ALIO’s family linear motor driven, vertical Z-lift stages are characterized by a cow profile height and extreme long travel ranges. Using high precision crossed roller bearings, and linear encoders, the stages can be equipped with Magnetic Spring Counterbalances or a frictionless Air Bearing Pneumatic Cylinder. The stages are have, the counterbalance, motor, bearings, and encoder all placed on an approximate centerline of the stage. The payload can mount directly to the face of the stage and drive up to 200mm in vertical direction.

High Load and Force Z Stages with Pneumatic Brake

ALIO offers vertical Z stages with precision ball screw driven by a frameless torque motor.

With its standard pneumatic release, spring engage brake it can lift up to 20kg without an additional counterbalance. For even higher loads, this series offers a Pneumatic Boost option using a frictionless pneumatic counterbalance to boost the payload capability to 50kg. Even with such high loads, those stages can achieve down to +/- 100 nm bi-directional repeatability over ranges of up to 50mm. An ideal stage for applications requiring high loads and long travel ranges without compromising precision.

Stages can be used in broad field of application from Semiconductor Lithography or Metrology, Large measurement tools or even in harsh industrial environments.

Crossed Roller Bearing Rotary Stages

ALIO’s mechanical bearing rotary stages have been designed with crossed roller bearings for improved stiffness for offset loads and rotational precision. Integrated with servo torque frameless motors, these stages can handle applications where the mass and acceleration needs are extreme, while still maintaining nanometer-level precision performance.

Standard ALIO rotary stages have 0.2 arc-second repeatability. Standard mechanical crossed roller bearings are rated at 13 to 20 microns of radial and axial run-out, with optional run-outs of certain models below 5 microns. The mechanical bearing rotary stage family has multiple motor sizes to meet duty cycles as well as mass and acceleration needs from 80 mm to 300 mm in diameter. Vacuum rotary union options are available on the inner diameter for mounting a vacuum chuck.

360 Degree Angular Contact Bearing Stages

ALIO has designed mechanical bearing rotary stages with angular contact bearings representing the most compact design on the market. Integrated with servo ironless motors, these stages best fit metrology applications where small angular adjustment is needed with nanometer-level precision performance.

Rotational Air Bearing Stages

When ultra-tight run-out precision motion is needed, manufacturers can choose from ALIO’s continually growing line of air bearing rotary stages. Whether it is exceptional stiffness or cost-effective motion that is the priority, ALIO Industries can offer a variety of options to meet the needs of today’s nanometer-level -precision applications.

2 Axis Gimbal

Incorporating ALIO’s industry-leading torque ratings, out two-axis gimbal rotary systems are capable of high rotational speeds while maintaining the stand-out precision levels expected from ALIO’s systems. Metrology, laser processing, additive manufacturing, and many other industry sectors have benefited from these ALIO products., and air purge is incorporated for contaminant protection and longer life.  Internal cable and air- line routing provide an extremely clean finished product.

ALIO’s two-axis systems are designed around the customers’ mass with variable counterbalance, cable guidance, and cable and air feed-through capabilities.  With hard-stops allowing for ± 110 and ± 170 degrees of rotation for nearly unlimited part access on the horizontal axis, ALIO’s dual axis rotary systems exhibit angular travel ± 180 for the rotation about the vertical axis.

Open-Center Rotary Stages

ALIO’s large open-center rotary stages utilize a tangential linear direct drive with angular contact (duplex pair)
bearings. This low-profile design is suitable for high-throughput
applications requiring up to +/- 7.5 degree angular movement and an extreme aperture for maximum accessibility from both sides.

Precision Crossed Roller Bearing Linear Stages

ALIO’ Nano Precision XY Monolithic product is a 3-plate system with unmatched 6-D performance.  With years of testing, continuous design improvement, and unique manufacturing protocols, the ALIO precision crossed roller bearing stages have no equal for quality and performance. Our linear stage product family begin with 25 mm travel and go up to 400 mm of travel with motor and encoder options to fit your application needs.

Monolithic XY Linear System

ALIO’s XY monolithic True Nano® motion systems performance is unequaled for 6-D Nano Precision®. With nanometer straightness and flatness you can be assured that your point precision is True Nano®. This stage family comes with enclosed or open center versions from 50mm travel to 450mm travel. Standard axis bi-directional repeatability is less than 50 nanometers with optional 10 nanometers bi-directional repeatability for demanding metrology or manufacturing needs. Stages can come with NIST traceable data assuring nano precision not just marketing data sheet optimism.

Linear CM Servo Motor

ALIO produces CM linear servo stages for customers that need less costly True Nano® precision. CM servo motor stages still have the ALIO 6-D precision with less linear force for smaller and lower acceleration applications. The stage family uses the precision anti-skid bearings common to all other ALIO mechanical bearing products with the same 25 mm to 400 mm travel ranges.