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Dr. Jorg Maser Group Leader (Acting), X-ray Microscopy Group Director, Nanoprobe Beamline Center for Nanoscale Materials and X-Ray Science Division Argonne National Laboratory

March 3, 2021
By alio_admin

I wish to thank Alio for going out of their way to support this vital subsystem. I know Alio previously as being thorough and conservative in their promises. I saw these competences confirmed in working with your engineering team over the last month. I was impressed with the field work, the competence of your staff in initially diagnosing, and later implementing the Alio subsystem in the rather complex controls and mechanical environment of the HXN. On a few hours notice, your team was able to extend their stay by one day to address an unexpected issue, and thus complete the full integration into our HXN. We highly appriciate your competence, flexibility, and the dedication to your product, as demonstrated to us.
I will recommend Alio enthusiastically in the future in the x-ray and nanoscience communities.

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