Customer Application: Colombian Imaging Technologies’ Cheetah: Advanced High-Speed Microlithography for Holographic Packaging and Security Masters

ALIO is proud to be the motion partner of choice for one of Colombia’s most promising high-tech companies – Colombian Imaging Technologies s.a.s. who just recently proudly presented “Cheetah,” an advanced High-Speed Microlithography System meticulously crafted to redefine holographic packaging and security masters. Designed with a relentless pursuit of excellence, “Cheetah” represents a leap in holographic technology, merging efficiency and artistic finesse to produce holographic masters like never before. With exceptional precision and unparalleled speed, “Cheetah” empowers designers to explore limitless creative possibilities, seamlessly adapting holographic patterns to various packaging ans security applications, elevating the art of customization to new heights. This product is the result of a joint project developed with Colombian Imaging Technologies’ sister company Combustión Ingenieros SAS (CI-Hologramas)

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