ALIO Industries Provides Optimum Motion Control Solutions For Genome Sequencing Applications

(March 28th, 2023, Arvada, CO, USA) Genome sequencing is a powerful tool that can help unlock many secrets about both the natural world and the human body. As the demand for faster, more accurate genome sequencing increases, so does the need for ultra-precise motion control systems which are critical for ensuring that the sequencing process is as efficient and accurate as possible.

Ultra-precise motion control systems provide the high levels of accuracy and speed required for genome sequencing applications. By using these systems, genome sequencing can be performed more quickly and with greater accuracy than ever before. This is essential for ensuring that the results of genome sequencing are as accurate and reliable as possible.

Bill Hennessey says, “Motion control systems are driving the field of genome sequencing, which is bedevilled by high cost and low throughput issues, and the problem of handling massive data sets. Automation is a particularly challenging element in the complex instrumentation used, but has played a vital role in genome sequencing, from the development of automated DNA sequencing machines to the use of robotic systems for sample preparation. Automation has helped to speed up the process of genome sequencing and has made it possible to sequence larger genomes more accurately and cost-effectively.

ALIO promotes increased throughput, reduced run time, and lower costs per run coupled with high quality and repeatable imaging by creating a smoother, continuous scan process using a monolithic XY stage and a low friction vertical Z-stage for focusing.

Z focusing can compensate for both variation in the sample and the flatness variation of the XY stage. The ideal technology for achieving the optimum move and settle time is a linear motor stage with a magnetic counterbalance. The linear motor allows for maximum acceleration and deceleration and provides exceptional position stability.

For genome sequencing, where even minor variations in the stage velocity or drift of the trigger clock can cause poor imaging, ALIO is renowned for providing market-leading motion control solutions. 

Hennessey continues, “At ALIO we are aware that motion control systems are critical enabling technologies for genome sequencing applications because they allow for precise and accurate movements of the sequencing equipment. This is essential for ensuring that the sequencing process is performed correctly and producing accurate results. They provide accuracy and precision to the process by ensuring that samples are handled correctly and efficiently. Additionally, larger travel ranges allow more samples in the system at one time, and this means the system requires less opening, which reduces the chance of contamination and reduces down times.  By utilizing ALIO’s advanced motion control technologies, researchers can achieve significant cost savings while delivering reliable results with greater precision than ever before.”

The future of genome sequencing is incredibly exciting and to a large extent is driven by ever-more sophisticated DNA sequencing technologies. ALIO remains focused on ensuring that the motion control systems it develops for genome sequencing are consistently rapid, accurate and affordable. In this way, the company is proud to help scientists unlock previously hidden secrets about the genetic code of life on Earth, the biology of disease, and the development of new treatments and diagnostic tests. 

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