Genome Sequencing

Genomics research allows the detailed understanding of the genetic components of all the organisms. When undertaking genome sequencing, researchers are confronted by high cost and low throughput issues, and the problem of handling massive data sets. Automation is a particularly challenging element in the complex instrumentation used, but has the ability to make a vital contribution to cost control. Even minor variations in the stage velocity or drift of the trigger clock can cause poor imaging. 

ALIO promotes increased throughput, reduced run time, and lower costs per run coupled with high quality and repeatable imaging by creating a smoother, continuous scan process using a monolithic XY stage and a low friction vertical Z-stage for focusing. Z focusing can compensate for both variation in the sample and the flatness variation of the XY stage. The ideal technology for achieving the optimum move and settle time is a linear motor stage with a magnetic counterbalance. The linear motor allows for maximum acceleration and deceleration and provides exceptional position stability.

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