Genome Sequencing

ALIO’s Motion Control Solutions: Enhancing Genomics Research with Increased Throughput and High-Quality Imaging

Genomics research plays a crucial role in unraveling the intricate genetic components of organisms. However, the process of genome sequencing poses challenges, including high costs, low throughput, and managing massive data sets. Automation, though essential for cost control, can be complex, especially in handling intricate instrumentation. Even slight variations in stage velocity or trigger clock drift can lead to poor imaging results.

ALIO addresses these challenges by offering innovative solutions that enhance throughput, reduce run time, and lower costs per run, all while ensuring high-quality and repeatable imaging. Our approach involves employing a monolithic XY stage and a low friction vertical Z-stage for focusing, enabling a smoother and continuous scan process. Z focusing compensates for sample variation and XY stage flatness variation, optimizing imaging quality.

For achieving the optimum move and settle time, ALIO recommends the use of linear motor stages with magnetic counterbalance technology. These stages allow for maximum acceleration and deceleration, providing exceptional position stability and further improving imaging precision.

Experience the power of ALIO’s motion control solutions to overcome the challenges of genome sequencing. Increase throughput, reduce costs, and achieve high-quality imaging results in your genomics research.

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