FPD, (O)LED Display Manufacturing

As the Micro-LED market gears up for mass production, the focus is shifting to the two major challenges that slow down commercialization — low yield and high cost. Since the chip size of Micro LEDs can be as small as a single micron, existing inspection equipment is inadequate in many respects. Many standard tools simply don’t provide high enough resolution. Moreover, with the smaller pixel sizes, there is also a dramatic rise in the number of pixels that need to be processed during inspection. Test technologies are therefore emerging such as electroluminescence (EL) which is able to identify a great number of defects. EL tests LED chips by electrical excitation, which requires physical probing of the electrical contacts, and since Micro LED chips are extremely small it is becoming increasingly challenging. Reaching the “point of interest” within a few nanometers is key to ensuring the LED chips don’t get damaged during the EL test. 

With ALIO’s vast experience delivering highly repeatable stages with unrivalled point precision, not only is this possible, but throughput thanks to the optimized motion properties can be increased.

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