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Overcoming Challenges in the Micro-LED Market: Low Yield and High Cost Solutions

In the fast-growing Micro-LED market, the focus is on overcoming key obstacles to commercialization – low yield and high cost. The small chip size of Micro LEDs, sometimes as tiny as a single micron, poses significant challenges for existing inspection equipment. Standard tools lack the necessary resolution, and the increasing number of pixels in smaller pixel sizes adds complexity to the inspection process. To tackle these issues, emerging test technologies like electroluminescence (EL) are being utilized to detect defects in LED chips. However, due to the miniature size of Micro LED chips, precise probing of electrical contacts becomes increasingly difficult. Ensuring that the “point of interest” is reached within a few nanometers is crucial to prevent damage during EL testing.

ALIO Industries, with its extensive experience in delivering highly repeatable stages and unmatched point precision, offers a solution to these challenges. With ALIO’s optimized motion properties, not only is precise probing achievable, but it also enhances throughput. Discover how ALIO can help overcome the limitations and drive the success of Micro-LED manufacturing.

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