Photonics & Fiber Alignment & Assembly

Cutting-Edge Precision: ALIO’s Hybrid Motion Systems for Opto-Electronic Manufacturing

The use of LEDs, laser chips, optical glass, detectors, image sensors, lenses, prisms, optical filters, gratings, and optical fibers is increasingly common in various vertical markets. The associated manufacturing processes involve alignment and attachment of free-space optics, pigtails, fiber arrays, and waveguides to different light sources, as well as assembly and testing of hybrid opto-electronic devices and high-power laser diodes. These processes require cutting-edge, high-precision production systems with advanced automation. Modular system architectures are essential to address both exploratory development and high-volume manufacturing requirements.

ALIO offers hybrid planar and point-precision motion systems that are significantly more precise than any competing solutions. They are perfect for accurate, repeatable, and reliable positioning of tiny components over millions of cycles. These motion systems excel in fast positioning of multi-axis systems with advanced functionalities such as multiple tool center points, center points of rotation, maximized usable space, and fast active alignment.

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