Parallel Kinematics Motion Systems

In 2001 ALIO designed, built and patented the first True Nano® precision Hexapod and Tripod robots.(US patents 6,769,194 and 6,671,975) Over the years the ALIO Hexapod has been the standard for nanometer applications requiring 5 or 6 axis robot.

Keeping with the ALIO name a "Better and new way". ALIO designed and built a novel patent pending Hybrid Hexapod® which again exceeds all know 5 and 6 axis motion system performance, precision and quality. with orders of magnitude more precision than even our own unmatched nano precision Hexapod

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Patent Pending Hybrid Hexapod®

The evolution of the Hexapod 6 axis motion system is the Tripod integrated with nano precision stages and a rotary for 6 axes of True Nano® precision. This platform due to basic physics can out perform Hexapod systems with Nano Precision ® while increasing the work envelope and significantly increasing the stiffness of the structure making this platform ideal for nano machining and thermal bonding applications where reactive forces are common. The ALIO product family of Linear Servo Tripods can be packaged from 3 axes to more than 6 axes while still maintaining the ALIO forward and inverse kinematic equations.