Crossed Roller Bearing Rotary Stages

ALIO’s standard and most common rotary stage family uses crossed roller bearings in combination with frameless torque motors. These stages can handle applications where the mass, acceleration, or simply throughput needs are extreme, while still maintaining nanometer-level precision performance. Because of the improved stiffness it can also perform well with offset loads.

Standard ALIO crossed roller bearing rotary stages have only +/-0.2 arc-second repeatability and are rated at 13 to 20 microns of radial and axial run-out, with optional run-outs of certain models below 5 microns. The mechanical bearing rotary stage family has multiple motor sizes to meet different duty cycles, as well as mass and acceleration needs from 80 mm to 300 mm in diameter. Vacuum rotary union options are available on the inner diameter for mounting a vacuum chuck.

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Crossed Roller Bearing Rotary: AI-TM-(DIAMETER)R

360 Degree Angular Contact Bearing Stages

ALIO has designed mechanical bearing rotary stages with angular contact bearings addressing the need for very compact, flat, rotary stages for applications that require a decent sized aperture. Through the use of torque motors, the stages allow a smooth continuous movement or a step-and-settle process over the full 360 degrees. As we only use the finest bearings and motors, you don’t need to make compromises on precision or throughput — both can be maximized with this family of stages.

This is a versatile stage for various applications and industries!

Find out more within the spec sheet:

360 degree Angular Contact Bearing Stages: AI-TM-(DIAMETER)RA

Rotational Air Bearing Stages

When the highest rotational precision is required, manufacturers can choose from ALIO’s line of air bearing rotary stages. Air bearings allow the stage to move without mechanical contact and therefore movement is frictionless and without wear. Errors like wobble, eccentricity, or runout can be minimized to get close to a perfect, smooth 360 degree movement even at high speeds or when the rotational stage is mounted vertically. Thanks to powerful torque motors, both constant continuous rotation as well as step-and-settle processes can be performed in an equally precise and reliable way.

It is no surprise that ALIO’s rotational air bearing stages can therefore be found in the most precise applications within the semiconductor, metrology, and photonics industries.  

For detailed specifications please download the following spec sheets:

Rotational Air Bearing Stages: AI-TM-(DIAMETER)R-AB

Large Rotational Air Bearing Stages: AI-TM-(DIAMETER)R-AB

2 Axis Gimbal

Incorporating ALIO’s industry-leading torque ratings, our two-axis gimbal rotary systems are capable of high rotational speeds while maintaining the stand-out precision levels expected from ALIO’s systems.

ALIO’s two-axis systems are designed around the customers’ mass, with variable counterbalance, cable guidance, and cable and air feed-through capabilities. With hard-stops allowing for +/- 110 and +/-170 degrees of rotation for nearly unlimited part access on the horizontal axis, ALIO’s dual axis rotary systems exhibit angular travel +/- 180 degrees for rotation about the vertical axis.

An incorporated air purge protects the stage against contamination and maximizes life span.

Metrology, laser processing, additive manufacturing, and many other industry sectors have benefited from these ALIO products.

More details are shown on the spec sheet:

2 Axis Gimbal

Open-Center Rotary Stages

This type of rotary stage utilizes a tangential linear direct drive with angular contact (duplex pair) bearings. The result is a family of stages with up to +/-7.5 degrees angular movement, a very low profile, and an extreme aperture for maximum accessibility from both sides. As even 12-inch wafers can fit into the aperture, it is not surprising that this stage is getting increasingly common in applications in the semiconductor industry, but it is as commonly seen in metrology or even life science applications.

With the rigid bearings and highly powerful linear direct motor, this stage contributes to the high-throughput needs of the high precision market.

More information available for download:

Rotary with Large Aperture: AI-LM-(DIAMETER)RA

Linear X Stages

Linear X Stages are probably the most common stages used in the precision industry, which is why it is not surprising that you can find ALIO’s linear X stages in nearly all precision applications.

By using two different types of linear direct drives — the “LM”- and the “CM”-type — this family of stages offers a wide variety of options for travel needs from 30mm to 300mm.

While the “LM” versions offer more force, higher acceleration, speed, and payloads of up to 50kg, the “CM”-series’ low-profile design allows for implementation in tools and applications with space constraints — of course, without compromising precision.

ALIO Industries - Linear Motion Systems - Linear X Stages

For more information please download and analyze the following datasheets:

Linear X: AI-LM-(TRAVEL)00

Low-profile Linear X: AI-CM-(TRAVEL)00

Enclosed Monolithic XY Stages

Used in any kind of high precision application, ALIO’s enclosed, monolithic XY Stages utilize direct linear drives and high precision crossed roller bearings built into a compact 3-plate system. With nanometer straightness and flatness — as well as an optimized orthogonality — you can be assured that your point precision is True Nano®.

While compact in size, standard travel ranges from 30mm up to 400mm are available. If required, stages can also be built for high vacuum or clean room applications.

The design achieves the highest precision with bi-directional repeatabilities of only +/- 30nm and is equally strong in scanning applications requiring a smooth, continuous movement or when the requirement is for a fast step and settle process — even when highest output matters the most.

The enclosed, monolithic XY stages are divided into the standard LM-series and the low-profile CM-series.

ALIO Industries - Linear Motion Systems - Enclosed Monolithic XY Stages

To download datasheets, look for:

Enclosed Monolithic XY: AI-LM-(TRAVEL)00-XY

Low-profile Enclosed Monolithic XY: AI-CM-(TRAVEL)00-XY

Open-centered Monolithic XY Stages

ALIO’s open-centered, monolithic XY stages are characterized by large apertures enabling usage in any kind of application requiring accessibility of the carried product from all sides.

Using powerful direct linear drives and high precision crossed roller bearings carefully designed into a 3-plate system, we are capable of achieving outstanding precision in our open-centered XY stages. Besides a bi-directional repeatability of just +/- 50nm, the stages offer superior straightness and flatness, as well as an optimized orthogonality that gives you Nano Precision® at travel ranges of 30mm up to 400mm.

Scanning applications requiring a smooth, continuous movement and fast step and settle processes can be performed equally well to help customers to achieve an ideal motion and increased throughput.

If the application requires, the stages can also be built for high vacuum or clean room applications.

The open-centered, monolithic XY stages are divided into the standard LM-series as well as the more compact CM-Series.

ALIO Industries - Linear Motion Systems - Open-Centered Monolithic XY Stages

Detailed specifications, sizes and more can be found in following datasheets:

Open-Centered Monolithic XY: AI-LM-(TRAVEL)00-(THRU)E-XY

Low-profile Open-Centered Monolithic XY: AI-CM-(TRAVEL)00E-(THRU)-XY

Asymmetrical, Monolithic XY Stages

If you require different travels in x and y, need a low-profile solution to avoid space constraints, and can’t compromise on performance and precision, there are hardly any off-the-shelf products on the market. Still unique in the market, one of ALIO’s asymmetrical, monolithic XY stages can help solve this complex combination of motion requirements.

With their linear direct drives, high precision crossed roller bearings, and our 3-plate system, not only is highly precise and powerful motion guaranteed, but so is perfect orthogonality of the x and y axes in respect to each other.

“Asymmetrical” in this design concept refers to the two different travel ranges of these two stages that usually can only be achieved by mounted to different linear x stages on top of each other.

For further information, we suggest contacting us or downloading following specification sheets:

Asymmetrical, Monolithic XY: AI-LM-(TRAVEL_X)x(TRAVEL_Y)-XY

Asymmetrical, Monolithic XY: AI-SLM-(TRAVEL_X)x(TRAVEL_Y)-XY

ALIO Industries - Linear Motion Systems - Asymmetrical Monolithic XY Stages

Precision Ball-Screw Driven X Stages

In some cases, applications need to ensure that precision can be achieved in the presence of any kind of electrical noise. For such applications, ALIO offers stages driven by a torque motor moving a precision ball screw with an anti-backlash nut, and if necessary equipped with pneumatic or electric solenoid brakes.

Thanks to ALIO’s unique design and manufacturing principles, such stages still achieve a bi-directional repeatability of only +/- 100nm as well as straightness and flatness well below 5µm (and on request even 1µm can be maintained).

Off-the-shelf versions allow travels of 30mm, 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm, and can be realized for ambient, high vacuum and clean room conditions.

More information can be found on following datasheet:

Linear X with Precision Ball Screw:_AI-VBS-(TRAVEL)00-(BRAKE OPTION)

ALIO Industries - Linear Motion Systems - Precision Ball-Screw Driven X Stages
Micron 2 (µII) motion systems family

ALIO has introduced its new Micron 2 (µII) motion systems family to compete in the micron-level motion control market, where the demand is for low-cost, mid-precision, reliable, long travel stages. As with all products, ALIO’s Micron 2 (µII) motion systems are designed using the company’s uncompromising standards of “quality first” thereby ensuring long-term reliable operation.

The Micron 2 (µII) recirculating ball rail bearing stages come as standard in sizes of 100mm up to 2 meters thus providing the end-user a solution for a large variety of applications. This family of motion systems is a robust, powerful line that is designed to be used either stand-alone, or as a top axis of an integrated solution.

For more details please visit the dedicated Micron 2 (µII) motion systems page

ALIO Industries - Linear Motion Systems - Micron 2 Motion Systems
Standard Hybrid Hexapod

We believe that in the nano age, traditional hexapods will become rare and maybe even obsolete. The Hybrid Hexapod® is ALIO’s novel, patented approach to six degree of freedom (6-DOF) positioning, resulting in nano-level accuracy at any working point. A design that allows the Hybrid Hexapod® to be two orders of magnitude more precise than any competitive hexapod built today.

The modular concept uses a tripod with non-contact linear driven motors and linear encoders — for any rotary and Z motion — sitting on a monolithic XY basis. The tripod’s links are designed to create a stiffness unique to this class of hexapods, and which allow the avoidance of common problems associated with screw-driven stewart platforms. Pitch errors, backlash, calculation errors from conversion of a rotary encoder to a linear movement, friction, wear, and slow speed are no longer an issue. The monolithic base allows unrivalled horizontal movements.

The entire six-dimensional motion is simplified while the working cubic volume is drastically increased. Need to move in X or Y? Move one axis only instead of six legs. Need to tip or tilt? You only need to move the three legs of the tripod instead of all six legs. Need to rotate around the Z axis? Just add a 360 degrees rotary stage in the middle of the tripod.

All these and many more specific details make this a unique design ideal for literally any application requiring six degrees of freedom positioning with nanometer/arc-sec levels of incremental motion and repeatability. An extensive overview of what can be achieved with our standard configurations is given in  the following datasheet:


MINI Hybrid Hexapod

Currently the smallest of our Hybrid Hexapod® line, the MINI is compact but still provides a 54,000 mm2 working volume (60x60x15mm). With the flexibility to scale tripod, rotary and monolithic XY, you can size your MINI to your required working volume. Brakes, gear reduction, ball screw drive, and linear motor drive are some of the options to match the performance to your application.

ALIO’s MINI Hybrid Hexapod® is ideal for automated lens alignment or bonding processes. It has been helpful in building camera array modules, translational OIS, and telescopic integrated lenses for miniature cameras used in every day products like cell phone cameras and drones. Any application requiring six degrees of freedom (6-DOF) positioning with nanometer/arc-sec levels of incremental motion and repeatability is a good fit for this product.

Find out more by downloading the detailed specifications:


AngularesTM – Extra large Tip/Tilt Range Hexapod

The 60-degree tip/tilt travel of the AngularesTM Hybrid Hexapod® is by far the most angular travel range available from any 6-Degree-Of-Freedom (6-DOF) positioner on the market, and offers the same unmatched positioning performance found in any of ALIO’s full-line of Hybrid Hexapod systems.

The AngularesTM features precision crossed roller bearing guides, optical incremental or absolute encoder feedback on all axes, linear motor and/or servo ball screw drives, unlimited programmable tool center point locations and coordinate offsets, and zero backlash on all axes. The design makes the AngularesTM capable of unlimited XY travel, Z travel of 62 mm (which can be increased to 208 mm using other tripod models); tip/tilt travel of 60 degrees (+/- 30 degrees) with continuous 360 degree Theta-Z; XYZ bidirectional repeatability of less than +/- 100nm; velocity up to 100 mm/second XY and Z; and less than 10 nanometers linear and 0.1 arc-seconds angular minimum incremental motion.

This makes the AngularesTM perfectly suited for many applications including aspheric and freeform optical metrology, silicon photonics packaging and probing, laser micro processing (non-planar substrates and taper control), wafer metrology, camera module alignment and assembly, and optical element and fiber alignment.

Data sheets available for download:

AngularesTM – Extra large Tip/Tilt: AI-HH-30D-(XY TRAVEL)XY-(Z TRAVEL)Z-(R DIAMETER)R

Special Task Hybrid Hexapods

ALIO’s modular and versatile Hybrid Hexapod® concept allows various adaptions and customization to align with your application requirements. These can range from applications with several dozens of kg load and high force requirements, to totally novel designs with large apertures. Some requirements have been so commonly requested that we decided to standardize them and make them available to all our customers. See specific details below:



Ball Screw Driven Hybrid Hexapod: AI-HH-BSD-(XY TRAVEL)XY-(Z TRAVEL)Z-(R DIAMETER)R-(OPTION)

Stepper-Motor based Hybrid Hexapod: AI-HH-ST14-(XY TRAVEL)XY-(Z TRAVEL)Z-(R DIAMETER)R-(OPTION)

High Angle Tripods

Tripods allow the combination of z-movement with tip and tilt around a common center point of rotation. ALIO introduced its tripods as a flexible part of the Hybrid Hexapod® design, paying special attention to finding ways to overcome traditional design issues related to simple link designs. The rigid structure of the links counteracts horizontal forces, and offers enhanced stiffness. A direct readout with linear encoders instead of rotary encoders overcomes problems like pitch errors, backlash, and calculation errors when converting a rotary encoder to a linear movement. To secure the process and increase load capacities, counterbalance options are available to handle gravity, while the drive can be fully focused on the displacement.

Today our tripods — as part of a Hybrid Hexapod® or as stand alone system — move in z from 6mm to 106mm and allow angular movements of just +/- 3 degrees or as high as +/- 20 degrees.

All details can be found within following two documents:

Linear Tripod: AI-TRI-LM-(Z TRAVEL)00-(OPTION)

Linear Tripod with integrated Rotary: AI-TRI-LM-(Z TRAVEL)00-(R DIAMETER)-(OPTION)