ALIO Designs and Manufacturers Proprietary Robotic Devices and Tools that Enable Precise Nano-Scale Movements for Manufacturing and Research & Development

Products Include Hexapods, Air Bearings, Linear & Rotary Atmospheric and Vacuum Systems

Linear Motion Systems

  • Linear Servo Motor Stages
  • Ceramic Servo Motor Stages

Air Bearing Systems

  • Planar Air Bearing System
  • Linear Air Bearing System
  • Rotary Air Bearing Stage
  • Z Air Bearing Stage

Z-Lift and Vertical Axis Motion Systems

  • NANO Z® Air Bearing Lift
  • NANO Z® Linear Servo
  • Z- LiftCeramic Servo Z- Lift

Rotary Motion Systems

  • Servo Torque Motor Stages
  • Ceramic Servo Motor Stages

Vacuum Motion Systems

  • HV Vacuum Motion Systems
  • UHV Vacuum Motion Systems

Custom Motion Systems

  • Metrology
  • Photovoltaic
  • Semiconductor
  • Biomedical
  • Synchrotron
  • Nano Machine Tools

High Precision Motion Systems

  • Linear Stages
  • Rotary Stages
  • Z Stages

ALIO Industries began in 2001 with an idea to create “a better way” to meet the nano-precision robotic needs. This initial idea has grown into an ever-expanding product line that includes Hexapod robotic systems, air bearing systems and mechanical bearing linear and rotary nano-precision systems for atmospheric, clean room and ultra high vacuum chambers all with TRUE NANO Positioning™. Industries served include semiconductor, biomedical, ink jet deposition, lithography, nano/micro machining, metrology & synchrotron.